Meet Etiquette

Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts

Be courteous, respectful, and polite to all meet officials, hosts, competitors, and coaches. The only time you should approach a meet official is when you present to them at the beginning of your rotation or to thank them for hosting or judging a meet.

A bag is included with your team uniform. Please keep all your belongings in the bag during the meet. Boots/shoes and coats should be kept with parents during a competition. You can bring a small, non-messy snack (granola bars or grapes are perfect) and a water bottle with a lid that will not spill or leak.

As a gymnast, you should not be focused on your event scores, all-around scores, or placement during the competition. Athletes cannot control the scores they get nor can they control the performances of any other gymnast. Athletes can only control their own performance. Concentrate on the part of the competition that you can control.

Each athlete should accept the scores she receives with dignity and without criticism. There is no time for crying or drama during gymnastics meets. Gymnasts will be asked to excuse themselves from the competition area if such behavior persists.

If you do not do your best and are disappointed with your score, you can ask your coach about it when the meet is over. If you make mistakes, it’s okay to feel disappointed. However, it is not okay to melt down. Remember that you are part of a team. Your team needs you to be in control and ready to perform. The attitude, behavior, and emotional state of the entire team will affect all the scores of its members, whether positive or negative. If you go into a meet with a good attitude and positivity, it will be reflected in how you perform. Remember to smile!

You should stay with your team until competition and the awards ceremony are over. Once a gymnast has entered the competition area there should be no contact between the gymnast and her parents unless there is an emergency.

You should stay for awards dressed in your Gymsport warm up (with jacket zipped). Most meets have a formal system for presenting awards. As a participating athlete you have an obligation to stay for all the awards and to accept any award presented to you with courtesy and gratitude. It is customary to accept awards with a handshake and a warm smile. Congratulate the other athletes as well. Remember that you are not just representing yourself; you are also acting as a representative of the Gymsport Gems.

If you are staying to watch another teammate compete or you have arrived early for warm up, please stay in the spectator area until your coach calls you to the floor.

Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts